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We’re happy when you’re happy. Let us set you up with the cannabis products that fit you perfectly. Think of us as your cannabis match maker. Come in for some chatter and discover the goods that scratch your proverbial itch.

Savvy Budtenders

With the unfurling of legalization a dazzling selection of products is flooding the shelves and oodles of information about their makeup and effects is becoming available. Since the cannabis golden age seems to be burgeoning smack in the middle of the information age, we thought we’d smarten up. We make product information readily available in our displays. If it’s all Greek to you, we’d be happy to share what we know. Our staff are staying ahead of the curve and take pride in being a resource of knowledge for our community. Come talk to us about cannabinoids, terpenes, and countless other components that make our selection magical.

A Curated Cache

The People’s Wellness Center’s owner is a master grower with over 30 years of experience. We curate our flower selection carefully – product can only make it to our shelves if we’re proud to offer it. You can be sure you’re taking home the purest and healthiest specimens available from top growers in the area.

We select the most fragrant flowers that feature distinctive terpene profiles. The terpene profiles of our stock is displayed alongside our product so it’s easy to find if you’ve already found your taste.

We put inbound flower through a scrupulous visual inspection, first scanning with the unaided eye for good trichomes, then inspecting closer with magnification. Then we look for vibrant hairs and a tasteful trim job that fits the strain.

The State of Regulation – Keeping you posted

Some aspects of regulation are confusing. There are many requirements that apply to the growth, distribution, testing, and sale of legal cannabis. Our staff are briefed regularly to keep you informed. Have a question about testing requirements – We’re here. Confused about a new disclaimer label? Just hit us up.

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