Clones year round!


We stock a full array of premium cannabis goodies.


A Flood of Flower

Over 25 varieties of top-shelf medical-grade and recreational flower.

marijuana extract

Extracts Galore

Featuring a full selection of tinctures, shatters, oils, kieves, resins & more.

marijuana cannabis edibles

Edible Cannabis

From decadent chocolates to select sweets – we stock a full selection to meet your tastes.

marijuana tinctures


Tantilizing and tiny, tinctures are easy to dose, versatile in their use potential, and have a very long shelf life.

marijuana clone


Adopt your very own living and breathing cannabis friend! With over 15 varieties to choose from you’re sure to find a fruitful match.

marijuana topicals

Totally Topical

Check out our selection of oils, balms and lotions and explore a burgeoning branch of therapeutic uses for cannabis. Pour some sugar on me! So to speak.

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